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Thank you

I have been a active member for two years and I did date quite a lot of guys from this site. At first I was strange for me as I had been members on other online sites even in the United states where I lived for over 12 years. On returning to Singapore I wanted to get on a local site. I did not like receiving messages from foreign men and so customised my profile and message to ensure that I only wanted to meet men in Singapore who were living here baca selanjutnya >> and working here. I met my partner and soon to be husband after he sent me a message on his first week of signing up to SLL. He was very new to SLL and was not sure about meeting someone online. He comes from a traditional background and so he was just giving it a go but really did not think it would work out. I received his message and replied back politely not thinking anything of it. I was actually done dating men from India but when I received his message I said to myself << runtuh


We are married!

I found her through Two months after we met, we are married!


A very big thank you for

A very big thank you for You had made the impossible happen to me! For more than a decade, I had been looking for a serious relationship in many ways and tried many dating sites. But all promised nothing in the end but paid up heavy membership fees. There are times, whereby I nearly gave up finding love. But thru SLL, I managed to chat with many members and met them too. With my sincerity and determination, I finally found baca selanjutnya >> my first girlfriend here and we deeply in love and planning marriage now. So I hope, ladies and gentleman here. Show your sincerity and open up your criteria, be patient and you will find your true love very soon! Of course, you gonna login often too! << runtuh


Good site SingaporeLoveLinks

Good site SingaporeLoveLinks. We found each other and realise we from the same church


Has found my love one in this SingaporeLoveLinks

Has found my love one in this SingaporeLoveLinks. I and my wife is happy to met each other in this link. We will get marry soon,thanks to the team of SingaporeLoveLinks :)


Cheers! to the great team

Hi! Marcel (IT consultant) &amp; I (Zaryati - Sports Therapist) met thru in July. We chat via e-mail &amp; decided to meet after a few weeks. Love starts in August 1st (I think), when he introduce me to his friends during Swiss Independence day. We are very honest about our goals in life (that include having family with two kids). So..we are still working on it. Hope our relationship grows as time pass. Who knows, we'll baca selanjutnya >> get married &amp; have a dozen kids (kidding). Cheers! to the great team. Yati << runtuh


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